The Well

The Well is a Brightly partner committed to helping people live #lifefullycharged.

The Well is a trusted, fact-based health and wellness website that provides information, support, a good laugh and the ability to learn from and become part of a community who want to take charge of their health and feel empowered to make healthcare decisions. Backed by the world class Northwell Health system, The Well delivers expertise and insight to users how and when they need it. Through every stage, at every age, The Well is there for consumers during major (and minor) life events—and everything in between.

Your Checklist to Better Immunity

As summertime peeks around the corner, what an infectious disease expert wants you to know about “immune boosting” during the pandemic. Plus, the best ways to adapt your activities, sleep, diet and personal connections to stay healthy. Keep Reading >

Crowdsourcing Recipes During a Pandemic

Suddenly home 24/7 means waaay more time looking in the fridge. Whether you’re a novice cook or a Michelin-starred chef, we have easy breezy ideas for whipping up three squares a day with the stuff that everyone keeps in their fridge.  Keep Reading >